Meet our twenty four council members,?drawn from and elected by our member companies.

I want to help find a way for us all to thrive in the modern, open environment of cross-platform, cross-media filmmaking.

Andrew Levene – Stink Films

I’m looking forward to working with the APA on the further development of processes that can work across new platforms in a sustainable way, without compromising the creative output or debilitating the growth of suppliers and production houses alike….

Anna Smith Tenser – Iconoclast

I’m very pleased to have been elected to the council again and look forward to continuing to work with Steve, Lewis, and John. In the many years that I have been involved with the APA, I think now it is more important then ever for the member companies to have a strong and united voice.

Caspar Delaney – RSA

Am delighted to serve on the council and take forward the views of fellow production companies to resolve how to tackle the issues that we all face in a challenging market place for the common good.

Helen Hadfield – Snapper Films

I am honoured to be voted back on to the APA council. It is great to be involved with such a talented group of individuals. As our industry evolves I value being a part of such a major industry body.

Helen Stanley – Framestore

I’m very pleased to be continuing to work with Steve Davies on the APA council. My agenda is to help bring about the most favourable business environment for all APA members and promote our collective value to advertisers, both here in the UK and worldwide.

James Bland

I’m looking forward to bringing the perspective and insight of one of the new generation production companies to the APA Council this year.

James Sorton – Pulse Films

My aim will be to keep the APA Council up to date with the issues encountered by companies in our sector, hopefully for the benefit of the entire membership.

James Tomkinson – Nexus Studios

Given the changing landscape, now more than ever, focus should be placed on generating new and interesting opportunities for APA members. My hope is that we can work together to seek out those opportunities and continue to forge and build such relationships.

Jani Guest – Independent Films

We have a lot to be proud of. We are a group that competes against each other, yet pulls together with a strength unequalled globally. The current eclectic and diverse Council further illustrates this unity, the integrity of which will serve us well in the challenges ahead.

John Hackney – APA

Given the industry faces so many challenges in an uncertain world, the aim of the APA Council must be to strive to future-proof the business for all APA members whilst protecting the craft that we collectively represent – and at the same time – focus on equality, diversity and accessibility for this and future generations of talent. I feel very honoured to have been asked to join.

Kate Taylor – Rogue

It’s an honour to be a part of the APA council in such great company and I hope my positivity, approachability and 20+ years of experience will bring a good contribution to the group.

Kath Sawszak-Pierce

It’s hugely important in the current climate that we have an official body with the purpose of dealing collectively with the challenges the production industry now face. The changes in the last few years have been seismic and it feels that now more than ever we need to all work together in the interests of protecting what we do and how we do it.

Katie Keith – Rattling Stick

It is invigorating when elections produce a refreshed council and new members join established ones at a table where their own interests are put aside in favour of the concerns of the industry they were chosen to represent.

Lewis More O’Ferrall – APA

I am delighted and honored to sit on the APA council of members; the APA continues to provide our industry with inspired leadership and actions that represent the very best interests of all our members both now, and into the future.

Mark Benson – MPC

I’m looking forward to another year of smoothing the bumpy road of production and giving a voice to all members of our industry both big and small.

Richard Packer – Outsider

I am excited to be joining the APA council at a time of great change in our industry. We have a responsibility to challenge convention and embrace new ideas. Creating an environment that is inclusive, diverse and able to capitalise on the opportunities created by new technologies, platforms and commissioners is a top priority.

Sean Costelloe – The Mill

I look forward to contributing to the APA Council as we help shape the industry through the opportunities and challenges facing us all.

Simon Cooper – Academy Films

I hope to bring about positive change in this uncertain climate that will help sustain our great industry going forward.

Sorcha Shepherd – Caviar

I hope that I’m able to bring a degree of experience over time across a variety of platforms to any discussions. Together we can increase awareness and engagement making our industry an inclusive and sustainable industry for generations to come.

Spencer Dodd – Merman

The Council’s aim is the APA’s aim- to create the best possible business environment for our members. Council meetings are an opportunity to think and discuss in detail the opportunities and challenges that APA members face and help us toward that goal.

Steve Davies – APA

I’ve been on the council for 15 years, and am always enthused by how close knit a community we are. We compete in a market that is incredibly hard fought, and yet happily sit together on the council and talk freely about ways we can all do better. It’s one of the best things about this business.

Tim Katz – Knucklehead

I will be pursuing a more varied representation of member groups to create a stronger and more united APA voice.

Toby Abbott – Cut+Run

I’m honoured to be one of the editorial pioneers within the APA council, and excited to bring my 28 years of experience to the group as a whole to help secure a future for our young creative talent.

Tor Adams – The Quarry